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I am a software developer and a concerned citizen. I obtained a Master's of Arts degree in 2006.

I am the head of a small family; specifically, I have a wife (, first son and second son.

While at MSU, I wrote essays for several classes; I consider it my responsibility to publish them, in case they might be of use in the scholarly research of others. Likewise, I have written short statements on my political views and favorite books. I also publish some pictures I've taken.

At one time I had been doing a lot of development with DBMSs, and ended up putting together a chart comparing the ways to embed SQL in several scripting languages.

I use the download directory (at this server's root; known as "filez" on my old website) to store/publish/redistribute files that might be of interest, including software I've written myself as well as small utilities that should be OK to redistribute.

The phrase at the head of this site comes from a movie, but I chose it because it represents my personal philosophy. Scientific investigation takes "secrets" away from the universe; accounting and law take them away from malfeasors; living by wholesome faith takes secrets away from the future.

I encourage the widespread adoption of the OpenPGP standard, and my public key is posted on this website and on the public keyserver. However, it might take me a while to read encrypted messages, since I only keep my key on hardware I control. I may be reached by phone at 586-873-8813 (U.S., cellular).

Here is a list of organizations in which I am a member (as of January 2008):

I would also like to thank these organizations for my former membership; although I am not able to support them now because of financial and time constraints, I would do so again and encourage others to support or join them as appropriate:

  I have accounts on other realms. In particular, I am "lamber45 (658956)" on /. and SourceForge, "lmertcomm" on EBay. I have FaceBook and MySpace accounts. When at MSU, my "pilot ID" (now known as a NetID) was lamber45.

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